Sponsorship contracts

Want to reach tens of thousands of people with your ad? Want to meet thousands of people in the hall face to face? More than 4,500 spectators have visited the exhibition every year. We offer a variety of visibility / advertising packages for businesses for the event and its pre-marketing. It is also possible to get sales booths in the hall.
We market the event spectacularly on various occasions, in magazines and in the social media. We sell sponsorship and advertising space to companies that gain prominence in pre-marketing and the event itself. You will also get visibility through this homepage. Sponsors are also offered floor space to present their own products.

For more information, please contact: Jarkko Mäki-Ista 040 5200804 / Mika Pienimäki 050 5956394

Sales boot at the event
If you are interested in your own point of sale / presentation at the event itself.
For more information, please contact:
Mika Pienimäki, tel. 050-5956394


If you are interested in a sponsorship agreement or point of sale, please contact these people by phone or send an inquiry via email and we will contact you immediately

Update 1.5.2022:
Most of the marketing material for 2022 Motor Show has been sent to the printers. But you can still contact us for example regarding sales boots and more.


Tom Dahl +358 40 757 0681